Karie has more than 20 years of radio and voice-over experience.  She has hosted radio and news programs in the Phoenix area and has voiced hundreds of commercial and not-for profit campaigns.  She can produce large volumes of audio from complicated scripts in a short period of time.  Often it only takes her “one-take” to get your audio right.  Her style is straightforward and trustworthy, and she can edit and produce great copy when needed.


Demo With Interview Feature – November 2014

Courtesy Chevrolet September 2014 Truck Month – September 2014

Republic West Remodeling [Outdoors with Music and SFX] – September 2014

Trustworthy, believable, sincere delivery for your message.

Nothing sells your product better than the voice of the “girl next door.”

“Helping a client find that voice for their product that delivers their message in the right way.”

— Karie Dozer


“I can honestly say, as the Marketing Director for AZ Pain Centers and in the media business for over thirty five years, that I have not seen a more professional and effective person representing a company in media. Karie tactfully takes copy points I give her and she applies her own style to deliver a compelling interview with our doctors. If you’re looking to hire a spokesperson that can effectively represent your business, and that can produce your projected ROI, then Karie will over deliver on your expectations!

John Corken

Director of Marketing and Development

AZ Pain Centers / The Next Generation in Medicine