Empowerment Through Speech Coaching

Delivering your message in front of an audience can be daunting. Karie has coached professionals from all kinds of businesses at how to best express themselves on stage. She can assist in crafting the message from the beginning of the writing process, through editing and rehearsal. She excels at helping you get “to the point” in your presentation in a memorable and unique way.

That speaking engagement you have to do for work is staring you in the face.

Not ready to step up to the microphone?
Would you rather do ANYTHING than speak in public?
Relax, and remember, public speaking is a lot like golf.
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“Helping a client find their story and put the right words to it, that’s what I love.”

— Karie Dozer


“Karie met several times with me in advance to help me craft my speech, then to revise it, and finally to provide feedback on the delivery of the speech. It was so much fun to work with her, as she’s warm, funny, and honest without making you feel silly. She asks you questions about what you want the audience to know, the stories you’re sharing, and the messages you want to convey in order to help you craft a speech that is authentic to you, but also relatable to the audience. Many attendees at our event who have heard me speak on several occasions told me that this speech was the best I’ve ever delivered, and I really believe that a huge part of that was Karie’s coaching.”

Lindsey DeFrancisco


Teach for America, Phoenix

“Karie’s great coaching, thoughtful and intuitive counsel, and quick wit have made many of my public speeches easier, more powerful and fun. Her straight talk, compassionate ear and heart, and seasoned know have helped clarify my direction and made me a more comfortable and confident speaker. I’ve also observed her coaching of others as they address sensitive topics that hit close to home or the office, or in some cases right in the home. She’s masterful, makes it look easy by example and gets results.”

Denise D. Resnik


SAARC-Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

“When I got the opportunity to sell my product, the Trinity Cross, on QVC, I was thrilled… and nervous! I had never had such a big audience, which meant a great opportunity for sales, but I also knew there could be literally MILLIONS of eyes on me at once. Karie helped me craft my message and gave me strategies for dealing with nerves, as well as helping to anticipate the QVC host’s line of questioning. By the time I sat down in that TV chair, I was comfortable and at ease with my “fifteen minutes’ of QVC fame. She knows how to help her clients find their best voice and use it with ease and strength. Thanks, Karie!”

Coleen Rossi


Trinity Cross