Dynamic Event Hosting

Whether its your two-day annual meeting or a half-day business event, Karie will serve as your live event host. She will navigate your schedule of events and use her live interview skills to convey volumes of information in an easy-to-understand way. She has working knowledge in the areas of sports, business, media, politics and the law and she uses her wide range of life experiences to get the best out of every person on stage. She doesn’t just read from a script, she listens for the best content and follows up with insightful questions to make sure the desired message is delivered clearly and completely.

Providing the best experience

  • Thoughtful guidance for your business/corporate event.
  • Experienced, professional on stage presence.
  • Clear navigation toward your program goal.

“20 years in radio has prepared me for just about everything. Dealing with the unexpected, that’s what I love. Being on stage and not knowing what’s going to happen, but knowing that it’s all going to work out all right for the client, that’s what I love.”

— Karie Dozer


“A well-known voice in the Valley for many years, Karie brings a depth of insight and professionalism to her work that spans multiple disciplines. What is particularly impressive is her ability (sometimes “on the fly”) to express a complex concept on key and on point; setting a tone that assures the message is delivered clearly and concisely. Whether she’s hosting an event or coaching others to tell their story, Karie is a true professional.”

Dr. Jeffrey Trent

President and Research Director

TGen, Translational Genomics Institute

“Karie was such an asset to the event we hosted! It would not have been such a success without her. She was personable, funny, and also to-the-point. Karie conveyed all of the information we asked her to, and she also added in a few personal touches to “spruce up” the program. She kept the program streamlined and smooth, and we received a lot of positive feedback after the program.”

Lindsey DeFrancisco


Teach for America, Phoenix

“Karie navigated our members through the a morning session of the 2013 ASBA Business Outlook and directed our 90 minute session on “Obamacare and You: Answers for Small Business Owners”. She deftly interviewed our panel and got the most possible information out of the session to our members. She was efficient, effective, and humorous and kept the conversation engaging and on-point. With Karie, our outcome was better than I could have imagined!”

Rick Murray