Karie Dozer is an independent broadcast professional & communications specialist in Phoenix, Arizona.

She emcees and hosts local business presentations and community events, creates presentations and coaches professionals in their delivery, and provides the voice talent for commercial and non-broadcast audio and video productions. Karie has worked in and around Phoenix media for more than 20 years.

Born in Ohio, Karie Kloos is the youngest of nine children. Growing up behind that many adults (in other words, out of necessity) she quickly learned to say things in a way that would grab people’s attention.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 1992 with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism, she got a job covering news and sports at KTAR Radio, then 620AM. She cut her teeth in the Phoenix news market, covering everything from Arizona politics and the court system to the Phoenix Suns’ 1993 playoff run.

Karie loved the challenge of working in live radio and breaking news because it afforded only one chance to deliver the facts clearly and correctly. It also gave her the opportunity to meet and interview interesting and accomplished people in the rapidly growing Phoenix area. It was while covering the 1993 NBA playoffs she met her future husband, Rich Dozer, then an executive with the Phoenix Suns.

Karie turned her attention to a different side of the news business in 1995 when she went to work in the press office of Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods. There, she managed the internal and external communications of more than 300 state attorneys, as well as the Attorney General himself through a second and final election cycle in 1996. She also was able to work with other state AGs and the national media, including in 1998, when the states agreed to a landmark legal settlement with the major tobacco companies over their deceptive practices marketing cigarettes to children. Karie loved that job for its endless variety and blend of work in the areas of news, the law, and politics.

Karie has hosted a number of different weekday and weekend radio shows at the radio station that gave her her first job out of college, KTAR, now 92.3 FM Phoenix. Most recently, she co hosted a midday talk show covering local and national news and events. Karie loves local radio because of it’s immediate and intimate connection to listeners, and it’s familiar place in their daily lives.

“Finding your story, your VOICE, is finding that special something that you can contribute better than anyone else can. You own your story. My job is helping you put the right words to it. ”

— Karie Dozer

Working With Karie

Karie enjoys her work with clients in the Phoenix business community because she is passionate about the city and region that she and her family call home. With its long, sunny days and endless open spaces, Phoenix is the kind of city where it’s easy to imagine that anything is possible. She loves helping her clients find their voice. Be it a 30 second radio commercial or a 90-minute roundtable format, Karie believes every message can be delivered with power, precision, and personality. When you ask yourself that familiar question “What is that word I am looking for”, Karie likely has your answer. Most importantly, Karie believes every person has a deep need to be understood, thus, learning to deliver your message in a unique, personal way can be fun and rewarding.

Get to Know Karie More

“I am by far the youngest sibling of nine. (Thats me, in the stripes, in the middle up top! These are GREAT 1970s haircuts, huh?) Growing up behind 8 much older and wiser brothers and sisters forced me to think carefully about how I chose my words and acted in front of others, from a very young age. I learned to choose my words carefully, get to the point quickly, and say exactly what I meant, because the attention you get from your audience can disappear quickly! I learned that every person has a unique story, the singular and exclusive combination of their life experiences. Finding your story, your VOICE, is finding that special something that you can contribute better than anyone else can. You own your story. My job is helping you put the right words to it” — Karie

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Rich and Karie expanded their small family. In 1999, their daughter Laura Grace was born several months early and facing many health challenges. During these years, Rich and Karie experienced the wonderful community support and excellent resources in the Phoenix area for families of children with special needs. They developed strong bonds with organizations that helped them and others like their family, and the amazing experiences they had only heightened their appreciation for living in a city with such a strong sense of community. Laura passed away in 2008, but the family still considers the special needs community a part of their lives. Karie enjoys her children Jack and Danielle, and the Dozer family loves to have fun in Northern Arizona and traveling to visit other members of their large, extended family.

When not working, Karie enjoys a great meal and a great glass of wine. Whether its a running trail, a golf course, or her back porch, Karie enjoys the Arizona outdoors. She enjoys the company of smart, outgoing people and thinks a healthy difference of opinion can and should create discussion, not discord.